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¿How does work? connects people who want to enjoy a private rooftop or venue for their event, with open-minded people who rent their private spaces to earn extra money during the day.

How to book a private rooftop or venue for your event.

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    Choose the venue you like the most

    To find a venue that suits your needs, enter the date and number of guests. The price is per day and is determined by each host. There is no charge for hours. The price covers a 6 hours event.

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    Send a booking request

    Enter the date and the number of guests you are planning to invite, and send a booking request to the host. Thus, the host will receive a notification by email and SMS.

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    Pay to confirm and enjoy your event!

    Once the host accepts your request, you will receive a notification by email and SMS. The last step is to pay online (by credit card or wire transfer), and your booking will be confirmed! The booking is confirmed once the payment is effective. Otherwise, the venue remains available for other users.

F.A.Q guests.

Why booking a rooftop or a venue?

You can reserve a rooftop or a private space for any idea you can think of (you’ll only have to talk to the host before). Here are some ideas:
– To Enjoy a sunset
– Birthday
– Photo session
– Bachelorette party
– Barbecue / Picnic
– Romantic dinner
– Wedding brunch
– Yoga session
– Afterwork
– Summer cinema
– To organize a second-hand market-
– Wine tasting.
– Board games
– Fitness- Etc.
What is your idea? 🙂

Why booking a private venue on Atiko?

Booking a private rooftop or venue through our platform is much better for your peace of mind:
– The booking online payment is made before the reservation, so the day of the event you will not have to pay anything else. In addition, the online payment is 100% secure.
– When making the payment, you will have a receipt showing important details such as the date, the number of guests, the hours of your event and so on…
– The Atiko team will be available for what you need.
– Using the platform, you will create a relationship of trust with the other members. You will benefit from the opinions of other users about the venue and also help the hosts building their reputation.

The 10 Commandments of the perfect guest

1.- Comply with the agreement reached with the host (hours, number of people, use of spaces and any other detail) .
2.- Respect the rules of the house.
3.- Remember that you are entering a private property
4.- Pay attention to the instructions of the host.
5.- Keep the neighbors happy.
6.- Be responsible if alcoholic beverages are consumed during the event.
7.- Enjoy the Atiko experience.
8.- Leave everything as you found it and as clean as possible.
9 .- Thank the host for welcoming you.
10.- If you liked the experience, support us and tell your friends about us 🙂

How to contact a host?

When you see a venue that you like, you can send a message to the host. To do so, you need to click on the blue button “contact the host” button. Then share your questions and doubts with the host, and send your request.

When will I receive the response from the host?

There is no define time to receive a reply from the host. Nevertheless, you will see on each listing a Response Rate that will help you know if the host use to reply fast or not. A response rate is considered as “high” when the host replies before 24 hours.
We advise you to contact two or three different venues in order to increase your opportunities to get one available for your event.
If the date of your event is coming, and you still don’t receive any news from the hosts you contacted, please contact our customer support at

Can I negotiate the price with the host?

The price of the venue is set by the host. If you consider the price can be negociable due tu the number of guests,  the hours of you event or another circumstance, feel free to write to the host and ask.

Is the date blocked for me when I send a booking request?

The date is blocked only when the booking payment is received. Until that moment and although the request has been accepted by the host, the date will remain available for the other users. We recommend you to make the payment as soon as possible, in order to block the date and the venue for your event.

When can I pay my booking request?

If the host accepts your event, you will receive a receipt to make the online payment. At this time, you will also receive a notification by email and SMS informing you that the host pre-approved your booking request. The booking will be 100% confirmed and the date will be blocked once the payment is done. Please keep in mind that the venue is available for other users until the payment process ends. Hurry up 😉

What payment method does Atiko accept?

We accept payments through Master Visa, MasterCard and American Express. Our website is 100% secure to make payments.

We also accept wire transfer.

Do you have a question that does not appear?

Feel free to write us at, we will be glad to help you 🙂

How can I cancel a booking request?

To cancel a booking request, you must go to your Control Panel, select «My reservations» and you will find a button «Cancel booking request».

How can I cancel a confirmed and paid booking?

To cancel a booking that is confirmed and paid, please send an email as soon as possible to Please take into account the cancellation policy

What is the cancellation policy?

As a guest, you are free to cancel your booking whenever you wish. To cancel your booking, you must proceed the following procedure:
1st. You must inform ATIKO by e-mail your desire to cancel the booking, indicating in the subject line of the email the word “CANCELLATION”. In the body of the message, you must indicate the host’s information, the location of the venue and the day and time of the booking. No cancellation made through another channel than email will be admitted.
2. ATIKO will not check the reasons that drive you to cancel the booking.
3. You must send this email respecting the deadline required in the cancellation policy the Host have chosen for the space (Custom, Flexible, Moderate, or strict).

Flexible cancellation

The guest is free to cancel the reservation up to three calendar days in advance of the event, in which case the entire reservation will be refunded, except the Atiko service fee. Example: If the event is Saturday the 20th, the guest can cancel the reservation until 23:59 on Tuesday, the 16th. You can also cancel the reservation within three calendar days prior to the event (until 23.59 the day before the event). In that case, Atiko will refund the guest 50% of the reservation. Atiko’s service fee will not be refunded. Example: If the event is Saturday 20th, the guest can cancel the reservation from 0.00 on Wednesday 17th until 23:59 on Friday 19th. 2nd.

Moderate cancellation

The guest can cancel their reservation up to nine calendar days before the event. No amount will be refunded if this period is not respected. Atiko’s service fee will not be refunded. Example: If the event is Saturday 20th, the guest can cancel the reservation until 23:59 on Wednesday 10th. 3º.

Strict cancellation

The guest can cancel his reservation during the 48 hours following the payment, in which he will refund the entire reservation. Otherwise, no amount will be refunded. In any case, the Atiko service fee will not be reimbursed. Example: if on May 1 at 2:30 PM, the guest makes a reservation for Saturday, June 20, he can cancel it until 14.29 on May 3.

More info about the cancellation policy here

How does Atiko manage the security deposit?

Each host is free to establish a security deposit. This security deposit will be added to your final receipt. This means that, to confirm the booking, you will also have to pay the security deposit. Atiko will keep this deposit, which will be returned to the guest if no complaint has been received from the owner after 2 days from the date of the event. The guest will receive the security deposit to the same card used to pay the booking. After Atiko refunds the security deposit, it will appear on your bank account within 5 – 10 days (depending of your bank).

What happens if it rains the day of my event?

If it rains and you booked a rooftop, Atiko will apply the same cancellation policy. However, you can talk to the host and see the possibility of canceling the event or moving it to another date (but in no case, the host will be obliged to do so).

Will the owner be here during the reservation?

Each host is free to decide to stay or not during the event. You will be able to see it in every listing, in the “Amenities and Features” section.

Can I access the bathroom?

Each owner is free to decide whether to allow access to the bathroom or not. Usually the hosts are flexible in this matter and allow access to the bathroom. Atiko recommends asking to each host about this issue in order to avoid misunderstanding.

Can I bring my own food and drink to the venue?

Each owner is free to decide whether to allow the guest to bring their own food and drink or not. Normally the hosts are flexible about this issue. In every listing, in “Amenities and features” section, you will be bale to see if you are allowed to brink  your own food and drink the day of the event.

How can I leave an review after the event?

We all know that reviews are important. They are a way of assessing the experience lived thanks to the host. Reviews also help other users when choosing a venue for their event. Once your event is finished, in the “My reservations” section of your panel control, you will see a yellow button “leave a review”.