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Earn money as an Atiko host

Find out what you could earn by renting your terrace.

640€ monthly potential

Calculation based on 4 monthly bookings.

Why to use Atiko?

Because having a rooftop is something every one wants but not every one has. You will easily earn money sharing your rooftop for a few hours during the day.

You decide.

With Atiko, you can reject a request if you don’t feel it. Moreover, you have full control of availability, capacity of your rooftop, prices and norms. The opening hours of your rooftop are also decided by you.

We are here, always.

We enforce us to give you the best customer service ever. If you want to, we can go to your rooftop (if you are in Barcelona) to take pictures and help you to submit your rooftop on the platform. We also create a WhatsApp group with you, to reply instantly to your question or doubts.  

How to be an Atiko host

1. Create your rooftop profile

Create and publish your rooftop on Atiko is easy and free. Enter the required information about your rooftop and verify your phone number in your profile. Once your information is completed, we will take a look at your rooftop and approve it.  You will receive a notification by email. Complete the first step to submit your rooftop

atiko crear anuncio
anfitrion atiko recibir invitados terraza

2. Receive your first booking request

Once the guest sends you a booking request, you will receive a notification by email and SMS. If you accepts his/her request, the guest will receive a notification by email and SMS.

Now you only have to make your rooftop cosy and host your guests. For more security, you have a pre-filled contract in your dashboard, that you will have to sign to your guest before the event.

3. Earn money during the day

Thanks to our secure payment system you never have to deal with money directly. Once the guest has processed the payment (including cleaning fee and security deposit/bond), the booking will be confirmed and you will receive a notification by email and SMS. Therefore, you will be able to prepare your rooftop for the guest.

We will transfer you the money to your bank account 7 days after the event. Start the first step to submit your rooftop and earn money.

Recibe dinero alquiler terraza


Renting your rooftop

I have a rooftop but I have doubts…

At Atiko we can answer all your questions with a simple call. From how the legal part works to how the payment process is. If your terrace is in Barcelona, a member of the team will schedule a visit with you and talk with you personally. For the terraces that are not in Barcelona we offer calls and / or video calls. In some cases, we move and make visits in those cities where we have “accumulated” hosts, for example: Madrid, Valencia, Seville, etc.

You can write to, here we can also assist you and receive any feedback that helps us improve.

What kind of terraces can be submited?

Most of the terraces that we have on the platform are private from individuals. Atiko also fit with gardens, terraces of commercial venues, patios, unique and curious places. If you think you have a special place and you think that others can enjoy it, do not hesitate to register your terrace / space in this link: Subir a rooftop

I have a terrace that is not in Barcelona or Madrid, can submit it?

Of course, Atiko has started in Barcelona and the next city has been Madrid, but the idea is to offer this activity in other cities.

Is it legal to rent a rooftop?

Atiko’s activity does not violate any rule. As a responsible citizen we invite you to declare all your income. For more information, communicate with your accountant, who is the ideal person to explain how you can do it.

What requirements do I have to meet to rent my terrace?

Be the owner or have the agreement of the owner to rent the terrace. Your flat needs to have insurance as well.

I live in a building with a terrace for community use, can I rent it?

It is possible to rent a communal terrace if the community of neighbors agrees.

How much do I earn per booking?

Atiko takes a 20% commission on the price of your terrace you have established and the possible supplements that are added for the booking. Atiko do not take commission on the cleaning fee nor the security deposit.

For example, if the price of your terrace  is €100, your earnings for this reservation will be € 80 + cleaning fee. Our commission is used to cover the operating costs of Atiko and improve the service.

What is the cancellation policy?

The guest is free to cancel their reservation whenever they wish. To cancel the reservation, the user must proceed according to the following procedure:

1º. You must inform ATIKO by email of your desire to cancel the reservation, indicating in the subject line of the mail the word “CANCELATION”. In the body of the message, you must indicate the host’s information, the location of the terrace and the day and time of the reservation. No cancellation made through another channel than the one mentioned will be accepted.

2º. ATIKO will not monitor the reasons that drives the user to cancel the reservation.

3º. The guest must send this communication respecting the following deadlines:

If the email requesting the cancellation is made at least 3 calendar days before the day of the reservation, ATIKO will return the full price of the same (except the Atiko Service Fee) and will proceed immediately to communicate said cancellation to the host.
If the email requesting the cancellation takes place until the day before the reservation, ATIKO will return 50% of the price of the same and will proceed immediately to notify the cancellation to the host.
If the email requesting the cancellation takes place on the same day of the reservation (from 0:00, local time of the place of reservation), ATIKO will not return the price of the reservation and will proceed immediately to communicate the same to the host.
However, the guest can talk to the host and see with him/her the possibility of canceling the event or moving it to another date (but in no case, the host will be obliged to do so).

What are Atiko's guarantees?

As host of you have the opportunity to establish a deposit, we call it a security deposit, so that the materials and the terrace are protected of an accident during the event.

There is also a document that you can easily print from your profile, it is an annex to the reservation. It stipules that the guest is responsible for your terrace and the people he/she brings to your space. With this document, you as a host, are covered for major damages. It is very important to print the annex of the reservation and to have it signed by the guest before the start of the event.

Cleaning fee

As a host, you can add a cleaning fee for your terrace. You need to go to your dashboard, choose «My terraces», click on edit and go to the prices section. Here you can set a cleaning fee (Atiko will not take any commission on it). It is also possible to add this cleaning supplement (as well as other supplements for extra services provided) before sending the receipt to the guest.

In the final receipt, the cleaning fee will not appear in your earnings, since we understand that the cleaning fee  is a “cost” (the time that you dedicate to clean the terrace or the money you use to hire a person to do the cleaning ). But obviously, you will receive this cleaning supplement along with your earnings for renting your terrace.

The cleaning fee may not exceed 20% of the price of the terrace.

Why is it important to validate my mobile phone and how to do it? Will users be able to see my phone number?

It is important to validate your mobile phone so that you can receive notifications from Atiko every time a user sends you a reservation request or a message. This does not mean that your mobile number will be public.
To validate your mobile number, you will have to perform the following steps in your profile:
1. Enter your mobile number (use the country code eg: +34 697 …) and click on the “update profile” button.
2. Click on the “Send validation code” button.
3. You will receive a 4-digit validation code through sms in.
4. Add the 4-digit validation code in the form and click “Validate mobile phone number”

Can I be present during the reservation?

You decide. As a host you can be in the flat during the whole event, part of the event or not. Atiko recommends informing the guest about this, for better understanding between the two parties (host and guest).

Can I offer my own extra services?

Of course, we encourage you to do so. Everything that contributes to make your terrace more attractive will be a good idea. These extra services may or may not be included in the initial price of the terrace. For example you can include a welcome mojito in the price of your terrace. Or you can also offer the guests the possibility of cooking a paella or organize a yoga class for them, paying a supplement (which you will add before sending the receipt).

Do I have to declare my income for the rent of my terrace?

According to Spanish legislation, each person must declare to the Hacienda all the income that he/she has. Therefore, you must also declare the income you received thanks to the Atiko activity.

I do not have a terrace or a garden but I would like to host an event.

This is a good question! We are working to get the version of Atiko Winter, where we will continue exercising our activity with covered spaces, so we give the opportunity to any host that has a unique, original and / or curious space. If you think you have a space that can fit in Atiko Winter do not hesitate to register in this link: Submit a venue

I'm a hotel manager and I'd like to put the terrace in Atiko.

Atiko is starting to be very attractive for hotels, and we are already working with several.

We make 50/50 agreements and negotiations so that it can be affordable to our market. We understand that renting the terrace of a hotel is not the same as renting a private terrace, that’s why your offer must be attractive. If you think that the terrace of your hotel is compatible with send us a proposal to evaluate it together. Remember that it must be attractive to our community.

I share a room with tourists in my flat, how could I manage Atiko at the same time?

Being an activity by day and by hours, Atiko does not interfere in most cases with the activity of sharing another space of your home for tourists. Our hosts know that tourists are people who are not at home during the day in general and sometimes even do not realize that the terrace is occupied. Some of our hosts communicate that “certain day” during “certain hours” it is possible that the terrace is not enabled. It is important that you also inform the person who books your terrace.

Do you have a question that does not appear here?

Do not hesitate to write to We will be happy to help you!

Manage your listing

How do I edit my listing?

You are free to edit your terrace as many times as you want. The more details you give, the more attractive it will be for the guests. To edit the details of your terrace, you must go to your dashboard, select “My terraces” and then click on edit. Do not forget to save your changes once made.

At what price do I offer my terrace?

When you submit your terrace, in the “Price” section, you can set it and this will be per day (the price will cover the time that you indicate that the terrace is available, it is generally a minimum of 6 hours). You are free to decide the price per day of your terrace.

Atiko has established a price simulator to help you establish a reasonable price for the rent of your terrace. This simulator takes into account different characteristics of the terrace such as the location, the number of guests that the terrace can host, if the terrace has views, etc … Keep in mind that renting terrace is a new activity and the more affordable it is the price, the more chances you will have to rent it.

How to suspend or deactivate my listing?

You can disable the announcement of your terrace if you do not want to receive reservations for a while. You must go to your dashboard, select “My terraces” and then click on the “suspend” icon, to deactivate your terrace and it will no longer appear in the search for guests’ terraces.

To activate your terrace again, you will have to click again on the “play” icon. All the information on the terrace will be the same.

How do I set the available or blocked dates in my calendar?

Once you have uploaded your terrace, you must configure the calendar. By default, all dates will be available. If you want to have your terrace available every day, you should not do anything else.

To modify the availability of your terrace, you have to go to your dashboard, choose «My terraces», click on edit and go to the “Calendar” section. Then you can choose the dates you want to block and not offer your terrace. You have to double click on the dates that your terrace is not available. You will receive a confirmation email for each period you have blocked.

Do I have to establish a deposit security/bond?

You are free to set a security deposit/bond for the rent of your terrace. Atiko recommends establishing a deposit as a guarantee and for your peace of mind. The amount of this deposit should be based on valuables that are likely to suffer a mishap due to the rental of the terrace. The deposit will also depend on the characteristics of the terrace and how many guests are accepted on your terrace. Atiko recommends establishing a deposit between € 50 and € 200. You are free to establish the amount that you consider appropriate.

What is the price simulator and how does it work?

The price simulator is a system established by Atiko to guide the hosts in establishing the rental price of the terrace. This system takes into account different characteristics and works as follows:
– Number of guests accepted (base price of the terrace):
 Less than 10 guests: € 70
 Between 10 and 15 guests: € 90
 Between 16 and 20 guests: € 140
 Between 21 and 25 guests: € 190
 Between 26 and 30 guests: € 250
 More than 30 guests: € 280

– Barbecue: + € 10
– Pool: + € 30
– Incredible views of Barcelona: + € 10
– Possibility of bringing food and drinks: + € 15
– Available until 01 in the morning: + € 25
– Terrace in the city center: + € 10
– Fridge on the terrace: + € 10
– Area protected from the sun: + € 10

How do I set temporary prices?

As a host you can modify the price of your terrace as many times as you want. The prices fluctuate with the season, the day of the week, holidays, … you can choose to follow the market trends or not.

To modify the price of your terrace and set temporary prices, you must go to your dashoard, select “My terraces”, click on the edit button, and go to the “Price” section. At the bottom of the page select the dates you want to set a temporary price. Enter the new price for the week days in the section “From Monday to Friday, please enter HERE the new price, in €” and for the weekends in the section “From Saturday to Sunday, please enter HERE the new price, in € “. It is important to fill in correctly these two sections.

How to manage the messages received and sent?

To manage the messages you will have to go to your dashboard and go to the “messages” section. In the new messages, there will be a small red icon with an exclamation symbol in the middle. You will be able to respond to the messages by clicking on the “little arrow” that appears on the right side of the message.

Should I have a speaker for events?

As a host you are not obligated to anything. Although the more attractive and more services you offer, your terrace will have more possibilities of being reserved. If you have a Bluetooth speaker and do not mind leaving it for the guests to listen to music, it would be a plus.

If the guests bring their own drink and food, do I have to provide them with plates and cutlery?

In most reservations the guests are responsible for bringing everything they need for the event, from plastic plates to trash bags. If you want to offer this service you can add them to your listing. Sure many guests will appreciate it, but you are not bound to anything.

Is it necessary to have chairs and tables for all the guests?

It is not necessary. We just want you to comply with having the materials you put in your listing. In most reservations with food, the guests take turns sitting down to eat or simply stand and / or sit somewhere with shade from the terrace. The important thing is that you comply with what you offer in your listing.

Is it necessary to have a space with shade on the terrace?

Having a covered space to take refuge from the Sun is always very grateful, although you are not obliged to have it, it is necessary that you indicate it in your listing.

Do the guests have to go through my home to use the bathroom?

The bathroom is an option that you must logically offer your guests. At some point in the event they must and / or have to use it.

What happens if I have pets at home?

Most of our hosts have pets in their lodgings that end up interacting, if you allow it, with the guests. We recommend mentioning it in the listing so that guests have knowledge of it, so, for example, those who are allergic to cats will be able to see if they can be saved during the celebration.

What happens if guests break things off my terrace?

Do not worry about things that may not happen. Although it is better to prevent than to regret. In you can use the security deposit that you establish in your listing for these accidents. To claim the money of the deposit or security deposit, it is mandatory that the annex of the reservation is filled out correctly and signed by both parties.

The annex of reservation is a document that you can easily print from your profile. It stipules that the guest is responsible for your terrace and the people he/she bring to your space. With this document you, as a host, are covered for major damages. It is very important to print the annex of the reservation and to have it signed by the guest before the start of the event.

Manage a booking

How can I accept a booking request?

When someone sends a booking request for your terrace, you will receive an email and an SMS from us. To confirm the request you will have to go to your dashboard, to the section “My Bookings” and click on “See details before sending receipt”. Check the receipt. If everything is OK, send the receipt and the guest will know that you have accepted the booking.

Can I give a guest a special price?

Once you receive a booking request, if you agree with it, click on the “See booking details before sending receipt” button. At this stage of the reservation, you can give a special price (adding a supplement or offering a discount). You can do it before sending the receipt to the guest.

How do I make a change to an accepted reservation?

Once the booking is accepted, you can still modify the receipt or reject the reservation.

To modify the reservation, you must go to “My bookings” in your dashboard, and click on “Modify receipt”. The first receipt that has already been sent will be deleted and then you can send a new receipt with the changes you have to make. The guest will be informed of the change immediately.

To reject an already accepted booking, you must go to “My Bookings” in your Dashboard, and click on “Reject reservation request”. The guest will be informed of the change immediately. However, we advise you to accept a booking request only when you are 100% sure. The repetitive cancellation of your reservations could lead to bad reviews from the guests and this could cause other people not to rent your terrace.

Can I refuse a booking request?

As a host, you are free to refuse or accept booking requests based on your availability, the type of request received … and you will never be penalized for rejecting a request. Nevertheless, we ask you to let the user know if you accept or reject the booking request, so that the guest knows if it possible or not.

Atiko recommends giving as much information as possible in the terrace listing, so that the coming requests are appropriate.

Is it mandatory to be present during the event?

It’s not mandatory. We recommend that the host is always present, or a person responsible for the terrace, to help control the event. You do not need to be “inside” the terrace, just ask from time to time if everything is fine, if they need something and / or to socialize.

Can I cancel a confirmed reservation?

As a host you can cancel a reservation at any time, but we advise you not to cancel at the last moment due to the inconvenience that may be caused to the guests. Once again, please accept a request only when you are 100% sure.
Atiko does not recommend canceling a reservation and our team will be attentive to your number of cancellations. Obviously, the reasons why the cancellation has occurred will also be taken into account. The objective is that our users have the best possible experience on the platform.

How does Atiko manage the security deposit of the guests?

When registering your terrace, you will have the possibility to add a security deposit in the “Price” section. You are free to choose the amount of it.

This security deposit will be added to the guest’s final receipt. This means that, to confirm the reservation, the guest will also have to pay the security deposit. Atiko will keep this deposit, which will be returned to the guest if no complaint has been received from the owner after 5 days from the date of the event.

In the event that the agreement between the guest and the host has been breached, there has been some malfunction or any other incident that the host thinks is a reason to have the guest’s deposit, Atiko will ask the host to provide evidence of the reason of the complaint (photos, videos, witnesses, written conversations maintained with the guest, signed reservation annex, etc). To support your claim, write us an email to within 2 days after the event.

What is the annex to the reservation? What is it for?

When a reservation is made, an agreement is automatically established as both parties (host and guest) have accepted the terms and conditions established by Atiko, as well as the particular conditions of the listing. These terms and conditions, establish a basic binding agreement that can be extended with the annex to the reservation.
The document “annex to the reservation”, allows you to put in writing the reservation conditions agreed between the host and the guest. In addition you can capture the special conditions agreed by messages with the guest.
We recommend you download this document to be signed between both parties before the event, as it will be necessary to send it to us if you wish to make a claim.

How do I receive the reservation money?

To receive your earnings for the rent of your terrace, you must provide us your bank account number so that we can make a transfer.

How long does Atiko transfer the money from the event?

7 working days from the end of the event. Why 7 days? Because the banks take 7 days as a minimum in making the transfer. Depending on the bank it can be less, but be assured that maximum 7 working days.

How is an event controlled?

At Atiko we have thought of everything. When a reservation is confirmed and fully paid you must fill out and print the contract, do not worry, it is something automatic that will appear on your profile. All you have to do is put your data, the data of the person who booked and fill in the empty fields with the information of the event (start time of the event, end time etc …). In this way we leave everything in writing so that everything is clearer!

Peacefulness of our hosts



Atiko has allowed us to open the doors of our house to very interesting people. We have shared good experiences and had good times. The application is very simple to use and you can allow someone to enjoy your terrace under your rules



Atiko is a revolutionary service that satisfies both the owners of the terraces and the users. It allows us, owners, to enjoy the terrace in another way and guests manage to organize their events at very affordable prices. If the idea continues with this “win-win” philosophy, it will surely have a very interesting and prosperous future 🙂



Thanks to the Atiko platform I can get the most out of my terrace. People who have made use of my terrace through application have been delighted, not only for the space but also for the work well done by those who manage it.